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APP MTH 3020 - Stochastic Decision Theory III

Career: Undergraduate
Units: 3
Term: 3720
Campus: North Terrace
Contact: Up to 3 hours per week
Available for Study Abroad and Exchange: Yes
Available for Non-Award Study: No
Pre-Requisite: MATHS 2103 or APP MTH 3001
Assumed Knowledge: Knowledge of linear programming, such as would be obtained in APP MTH 2105
Assessment: Ongoing assessment 30%, exam 70%

People make decisions everyday: whether to take an umbrella to work; to take an available park for their car of continue to search for a better one; which of several possible methods to implement to attempt to save a species from extinction; and, which people in the population to give a vaccine to. All of these decisions are being made under uncertainty: there exists a certain chance of rain today; a certain chance all of the car parks are used; uncertainty about how many individuals of the species exist and how they will respond to each of the possible interventions; and, the actual dynamics of the infection and the uptake of the vaccine by the population. This course will focus on formulating problems of this type in a mathematical framework and provide methods for making the best decision possible taking into account the uncertainty. Topics covered are: stochastic linear programming - the extension of linear programming to account for uncertainty; Markov decision processes (MDP) and dynamic programming - the framework for solving problems in which the state of the process up to the time of decision is known but the behaviour of the process is governed by a Markov chain; Hidden Markov models, and Partially-observable MDPs - the extension of MDPs where we can only observe a `noisy' version of the state of the system.

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23772 LE01 40 13 26 Jul - 13 Sep Wednesday 9am - 10am Darling West, G14, Darling West Lecture Theatre
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28 Jul - 15 Sep Friday 10am - 11am Benham, G10, Benham Lecture Theatre
4 Oct - 25 Oct Wednesday 9am - 10am Darling West, G14, Darling West Lecture Theatre
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