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OENOLOGY 2501WT - Microbiology for Viticulture and Oenology II

Career: Undergraduate
Units: 3
Term: 3310
Campus: Waite
Contact: Up to 6 hours per week
Restriction: Available to Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology students only
Available for Study Abroad and Exchange: Yes
Available for Non-Award Study: Yes
Assumed Knowledge: BIOLOGY 1101 or BIOLOGY 1401, BIOLOGY 1202, & OENOLOGY 1018NW
Incompatible: PLANT SC 2500WT, PLANT SC 2520WT
Assessment: Quizzes, practical exams, practical reports, tutorial papers, project report

An introduction to the biology of micro-organisms and invertebrates of importance in agriculture and natural ecosystems with particular emphasis on viticulture and oenology. Topics to be considered include: microbial growth, energy sources and nutritional categories; form and function of major groups of microorganisms; classification and identification; beneficial and deleterious activities of microorganisms; features of saprophytic, pathogenic, symbiotic and commensal lifestyles; determinants of pathogenicity and resistance; interactions of microorganisms and environment; nature and occurrence of Botrytis, yeasts and bacteria associated with the vineyard and winery, and their influence on grape and wine quality; interactions between wine yeast and bacteria; spoilage and selected strains of yeast in wine; nutritional requirements and wine processing parameters affecting growth and activity of wine yeast; practical skills for manipulating microorganisms and invertebrates and studying their activities.

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Critical Dates

Term Last Day to Add Online Census Date Last Day to WNF Last Day to WF
3310 Mon 18/03/2013 Sun 31/03/2013 Fri 10/05/2013 Fri 14/06/2013

Class Details

Enrolment Class: Lecture
Class Nbr Section Size Available Dates Days Time Location
14201 LE01 32 14 7 Mar - 11 Apr Thursday 10am - 12pm Charles Hawker, 130, McLeod Lecture Theatre
2 May - 6 Jun Thursday 10am - 12pm Charles Hawker, 118, Lecture Room 4
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Class Nbr Section Size Available Dates Days Time Location
14714 PR01 32 14 7 Mar - 11 Apr Thursday 1pm - 5pm Charles Hawker, G18, Lab 2
2 May - 13 Jun Thursday 1pm - 5pm Charles Hawker, G18, Lab 2