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LING 2037 - Language in a Global Society

Career: Undergraduate
Units: 3
Term: Semester 1
Campus: North Terrace
Contact: Up to 3 hours per week
Available for Study Abroad and Exchange: Yes
Available for Non-Award Study: Yes
Pre-Requisite: At least 12 units of Level I undergraduate study
Assessment: Mid-point assignment (500 words) 20%, Tutorial oral presentation 25%, Presentational paper (4000 words) 45%, Attendance and contribution 10%

The impact of globalization and talknology (talk + technology) on languages is far-reaching. Next to the loss or endangerment of most of the world's 7000 languages, a small number of super languages such as Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Arabic and English are emerging. The course will examine to what extent the emergence of global languages is due to deliberate political decisions and to what extent it is due to the unintended outcome of major social, cultural or talknological change. Whilst the course will pay particular attention to global English and the new English's (such as Singlish, Indian English, Hong Kong English and Chinglish), coverage will also be given to the previous or potential global roles of languages such as Latin, French, Spanish, Arabic and Chinese (though no knowledge of a language other than English will be assumed or required). The course will also analyse constructed languages (Conlangs) and will innovatively classify them into Auxiliary Languages (Auxlangs) such as Esperanto, Ido and Volapük, and Artistically-constructed Languages (Artlangs) such as Klingon, Quenya and Tsolyani. It will look at language policy and multilingualism, and examine the transparent and camouflaged impact of English on the world's languages. It will also explore issues of language, religion, identity and nationhood.

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Term Last Day to Add Online Census Date Last Day to WNF Last Day to WF
Semester 1 Mon 16/03/2020 Thu 26/03/2020 Fri 08/05/2020 Fri 12/06/2020

Class Details

Enrolment Class: Lecture
Class Nbr Section Size Available Dates Days Time Location
13922 LE01 80 48 3 Mar - 7 Apr Tuesday 11am - 1pm Napier, G04, Lecture Theatre
28 Apr - 2 Jun Tuesday 11am - 1pm Napier, G04, Lecture Theatre
Related Class: Tutorial
Class Nbr Section Size Available Dates Days Time Location
13925 TU01 25 1 3 Mar - 7 Apr Tuesday 5pm - 6pm Nexus10, UB34, Teaching Room
28 Apr - 2 Jun Tuesday 5pm - 6pm Nexus10, UB34, Teaching Room
18715 TU04 25 17 6 Mar - 10 Apr Friday 5pm - 6pm Lower Napier, LG24, Teaching Room
1 May - 5 Jun Friday 5pm - 6pm Lower Napier, LG24, Teaching Room