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INDO 2005 - Indonesian for Special Purposes

Career: Undergraduate
Units: 3
Term: Semester 1
Campus: Flinders University
Available for Study Abroad and Exchange: No
Available for Non-Award Study: No

Please note that Indonesian is taught by Flinders University staff as part of an arrangement between the two Universities. Classes are held at the University of Adelaide North Terrace Campus, except for some classes which are held in Victoria Square or at Bedford Park. For detailed information on this course, please visit, select 'INDO' in the drop down menu and find the course by title. This topic will be taught as an independent study through consultation with the topic convener in order to cater to a particular student or group of students. The topic will enable students to investigate a particular issue, aspect or interest related to contemporary Indonesia. Students will develop high-level language and intercultural capabilities, as well as research and analysis skills. Assessment will take the form of a final assignment in Indonesian tailored to the student/s’ particular focus.

Course Fees

Students will enrol and be invoiced for this course through Flinders University.

Course Outline

A Course Outline which includes Learning Outcomes, Learning Resources, Learning & Teaching for this course may be accessed here

Critical Dates

Students will need to confirm Critical Dates with Flinders University.

Class Details

No classes available.