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PETROGEO 7013 - Petroleum Systems and Basin Evaluation

Career: Postgraduate Coursework
Units: 3
Term: Semester 1
Campus: North Terrace
Contact: This course will be taught in intensive format, with modules scheduled during Semester 1. During the classroom component of this course, students are expected to attend each week day, 9am - 5pm. Activities will include lecture, exercises, practicals
Available for Study Abroad and Exchange: Yes
Available for Non-Award Study: Yes
Assumed Knowledge: Bachelor's degree training or equivalent in geoscience.
Assessment: Assessment includes a final exam and assessment of work completed during the semester, including a major report based on the basin field trip. Assessed exercises include activities such as submitted assignments, practical class exercise submission

PETROGEO 7013 presents an integrated course containing modules focusing on Petroleum Systems and Basin Evaluation, covering both conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon resources. This course covers a range of topics related to the key elements and processes of the petroleum system, including hydrocarbon generation, migration, accumulation and alteration. Techniques for source rock evaluation and assessing organic maturation are reviewed, and the mechanisms and efficiencies of migration are reconstructed. The course progresses to focus on thermal history modelling and basin analysis, which provides the basis for predicting the timing and extent of petroleum generation in sedimentary basins. Thermal models derived from borehole information (e.g. stratigraphy, bottom hole temperatures, lithology) and theoretical models are discussed. Different thermal maturation indicators are reviewed and their use in calibrating thermal models demonstrated. This course concludes with the capstone experience of a week-long field trip to an Australian sedimentary basin where key elements of the petroleum geoscience program are incorporated, including sedimentology, stratigraphy, diagenesis, structural geology and geomechanics, petroleum systems, reservoirs, seals and pay.

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Semester 1 Mon 16/03/2020 Thu 26/03/2020 Fri 12/06/2020 Not Available

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10658 LE01 5 1 3 Mar - 3 Mar Tuesday 9am - 5pm Ligertwood, 228, Teaching Room
4 Mar - 4 Mar Wednesday 9am - 5pm Lower Napier, LG23, Teaching Room
5 Mar - 5 Mar Thursday 9am - 5pm Lower Napier, LG23, Teaching Room
10 Mar - 10 Mar Tuesday 1pm - 5pm Petroleum Engineering, G04, Teaching Room
14 Apr - 14 Apr Tuesday 9am - 1pm Petroleum Engineering, G13, Teaching Room
14 Apr - 14 Apr Tuesday 1pm - 5pm Petroleum Engineering, G13, Teaching Room
27 Apr - 27 Apr Monday 9am - 5pm Petroleum Engineering, G04, Teaching Room
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