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ELEC ENG 4063 - Communications

Career: Undergraduate
Units: 3
Term: Semester 1
Campus: North Terrace
Contact: Up to 4 hours per week
Available for Study Abroad and Exchange: Yes
Available for Non-Award Study: Yes
Assumed Knowledge: ELEC ENG 2104
Assessment: Quizzes and assignments

Frequency Domain Analysis; Amplitude Modulation; Synchronous Demodulation; Double Sideband Suppressed Carrier; Single Sideband Suppressed Carrier; Vestigial Sideband Modulation; Frequency Modulation; Radio and Television Broadcasting: Correlation Functions; Power Spectral Density; Cyclostationary Processes; Linear Time Invariant Systems; Gaussian Processes; White Noise; Noise Bandwidth; Narrowband Noise; Effect of Noise in Analog Systems; Information Theory and Source Coding; Information Content; Joint and Conditional Entropy; Source Coding Theorem; Huffman Codes; Mutual Information; Pulse Code Modulation; Differential Pulse Code Modulation; Pulse Position Modulation; Pulse Amplitude Modulation; Two Dimensional Signals; Carrier Modulation; Amplitude Shift Keying; Phase Shift Keying; Frequency Shift Keying; Quadrature Amplitude Modulation; The Matched Filter; Receiver for Carrier Systems; Probability of Error; Constellation Diagrams; Carrier and Clock Recovery; Digital Transmission in Bandlimited Channels; Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing; Channel Capacity and Coding; Hamming Distance; Linear Block Codes; Hamming Codes; Review Optical Waveguides; Dispersion and Distortion Effects; Single-Mode and Multi-mode Optical Fibres; Light emitting diodes; Lasers; Photoelectric effects; PIN photodiodes; Avalanche Photodiodes; Receiver circuits; Noise and Detection.

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Term Last Day to Add Online Census Date Last Day to WNF Last Day to WF
Semester 1 Tue 15/03/2022 Thu 24/03/2022 Fri 06/05/2022 Fri 10/06/2022

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10818 SE01 25 1 3 Mar - 7 Apr Thursday 2pm - 4pm Engineering & Mathematics, EMG06, Teaching Room
4 Mar - 8 Apr Friday 11am - 1pm Engineering & Mathematics, EMG07, Teaching Room
28 Apr - 2 Jun Thursday 2pm - 4pm Engineering & Mathematics, EMG06, Teaching Room
29 Apr - 3 Jun Friday 11am - 1pm Engineering & Mathematics, EMG07, Teaching Room
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19279 LEC0 25 1 This class does not have any timetabled face-to-face sessions. Please check MyUni or contact your Course Coordinator for details.