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LING 3015 - Reclaiming Languages: a Kaurna Case Study

Career: Undergraduate
Units: 3
Term: Term 4
Session: Early Add Session
Campus: North Terrace
Contact: 5 hours per day for 3 days per week over 3 weeks including 1 full-day excursion
Available for Study Abroad and Exchange: Yes
Available for Non-Award Study: Yes
Pre-Requisite: At least 6 units of Level II undergraduate study
Incompatible: LING 2039, LING 2007, LING 3007
Assessment: Practical task 25%, Grammar practical 20%, Essay (2500 word) 30%, Take home exam 25%

This course will introduce students to the methods, approaches and strategies for reclaiming sleeping languages through the lens of the Kaurna language, the original language of Adelaide and the Adelaide Plains. Students will gain familiarity with the Kaurna sources and will investigate Kaurna in relation to neighbouring languages focussing on both linguistic and cultural ties. Students will gain an appreciation of Kaurna history and of the Kaurna language, both as it was spoken in the mid-nineteenth century and within its contemporary social context. Learning to speak, use and understand the Kaurna language is not the main purpose of this course. In this respect this Kaurna language course differs from most other language courses where developing 'communicative competence' is the main goal. Rather, this course focuses on developing understandings about the Kaurna language, the historical source materials, how we know what we know about the language, and how it is being used today. Students will learn of the importance that the Kaurna language has to Kaurna people as they rebuild their cultural and linguistic identity. Strenuous efforts will be made to 'get inside' the Kaurna language and use the language as a key to understanding Kaurna culture and a little of our history and the place in which we live.

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Term 4 Mon 21/11/2022 Mon 28/11/2022 Tue 06/12/2022 Wed 14/12/2022

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46011 SE01 25 14 21 Nov - 5 Dec Monday 10am - 1pm Schulz, 214, Teaching Room
22 Nov - 6 Dec Tuesday 10am - 1pm Schulz, 214, Teaching Room
24 Nov - 8 Dec Thursday 10am - 1pm Schulz, 214, Teaching Room
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46009 WR01 25 14 21 Nov - 5 Dec Monday 2pm - 4pm Schulz, 218, Teaching Room
22 Nov - 6 Dec Tuesday 2pm - 4pm Barr Smith South, 2051, Teaching Room
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