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Search Tips

For best results, enter just part of the course title OR choose a subject area, then select "search".

Course Title Enter one or two words from the course title.
Subject Area Choose the appropriate subject area from the list.
Catalogue Number In addition to the subject area, you can enter the catalogue number or just a part of it. The first digit of the catalogue number refers to the course level. For example, you can find just second year courses by entering a "2" in this field.

If you want to reduce the number of results from a search, select More Options:

Term Select the teaching term you are looking for, eg "Semester 1" or "Term 3".
Academic Career All courses are restricted to a particular career, such as "Undergraduate" or "Postgraduate Coursework".
Campus Choose the campus you are looking for, such as “External/Online” to display courses offered Externally or Online.
Class Number Enter a class number if you know it. You can only enter an enrolment class number. Class numbers will be available on 1 December.

If you cannot find the course you are looking for:

  • Reduce the number of search criteria
  • Check the spelling of the title, or reduce the number of words in the course title field
  • Remove any additional criteria, such as subject area or catalogue number
  • Check you haven't restricted a search to the wrong campus or academic career
  • Visit the website for your faculty/school for more information.